1. Burn-In Knife, Electric EK24

Burn-In Knife, Electric EK24

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Dependable, rugged construction and long element life. High temperature element core assures best performance available. Strong wooden handle. The Electric Burn-In Knife also features a high temperature extra flexible neoprene power cord - 6 ft. in lightweight 3 conductor style, 20 watts, UL and CSA listed, and weighs 8 oz. Burn-In Knife comes equipped with a flat blade and a curved blade can be purchased separately. Heat Control Unit may be used for controlling low to high heat temperature.


Regulates heat of Electric Burn-I Knife EK24. Heat is easily controlled by setting dial to maintain proper working ranges. 3 wire grounded design. Weighs 10 oz.  400 watts max. 120 volts.