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Leather Repair Color Adjuster

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Leather Repair Color Adjuster aerosols apply transparent color to pigmented leather and vinyl.  They are used to fine-tune the color of leather repairs on which Leather Repair Basecoat and Leather Repair Toner aerosols have already been applied.  They can be used immediately after the Basecoat to bring the gue in closer accord to the color of the leather.  They can also be used after the application of the Toners to make an adjustment.  The principles of color theory should be observed in choosing which Color Repair Adjuster(s) should be applied.  Clear Leather/Vinyl Finish™ aerosols are used at the end of a repair to adjust the sheen and offer greater protection.  Net Wt. 13 oz.

  • For use on pigmented leather (also called top coated leather) and vinyl
  • Not for use on aniline, pull up, nubuck or suede leathers
  • Transparent color
  • Formulated for flexibility
  • Creates a long-wearing finish
  • Fade resistant
  • Fast drying

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