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Leather Repair Toner

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Leather Repair Toner aerosols are translucent finishes that are formulated specifically for use on pigmented leather and vinyl.  They are used to bring the color of the Basecoat aerosols closer to the color of the leather or vinyl, similar to the way wood toners are used to blend wood colors.  Most of the time, the toning process will darken the color of the Basecoats.  Also, applying Leather Repair Toners in short bursts will create the stipple effect present in two-tone leathers.  Net Wt. 13 oz.

  • For use on pigmented leather (also called top coated leather) and vinyl
  • Not for use on aniline, pull up, nubuck or suede leathers
  • Use to alter the tone and shade of the Basecoat aerosols (generally to darken) to bring the color closer to the leather or vinyl
  • Translucent color
  • Use to create stipple effect of two-tone leather
  • Formulated for flexibility
  • Creates a long-wearing finish
  • Fade resistant, fast drying

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