1. Liquid Rubbing Compound (3-Step)

Liquid Rubbing Compound (3-Step)

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Level I (Low Sheen)

Level II (Medium to High Sheen)

Step 1: Liquid Rubbing Compound

Used to remove overspray and wet sanding scratches on conventional and modern high tech finishes.  Yields a high satin sheen.  Use for hand or machine buffing.


Step 2: Liquid Polishing Compound

  • Cleans and polishes while removing Step 1 Liquid Rubbing Compound scratches and swirl marks.  Yields a medium gloss sheen.  Use by hand or with machine buffers.


Step 3: Liquid Finishing Compound

  • Removes swirl marks from Step 2 Liquid Polishing Compound and increases surface gloss.  Leaves a "polished" look.  Use by hand or with machine buffers.